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  • Advance Methods

    Fluorescent dyes are critical to detecting cellular and biological material. Their use is ubiquitous across healthcare diagnostics.
  • Simplify Multiplex Assays

    Multiplexing enables researchers to better understand cellular life cycles.
  • Blackstone Entrepreneurs

    Blackstone Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EIRs) are seasoned, successful entrepreneurs who know what it takes.
  • Saving Time, Saving Lives

    Bundling more color labeled analytes into fewer assays saves clinicians time and money.
  • Measuring Narrow Bands

    Dyes with ultra narrow emissions reduce spectral complexities managed by clinicians and instrument technicians
  • NC IDEA Award

    Since the program's inception, NC IDEA has awarded 82 grants totaling over $3.1M.

What We Do

Develop Dyes

NIRvana Sciences is developing novel dyes that advance the field of multiplexing. We define multiplexing as a type of test that simultaneously measures many color-labeled compounds in a single instrumentation run or test cycle.

Tuning Dye’s Wavelengths

New dyes are R&D projects and not commercially viable unless they perform well with the lasers and detectors on existing equipment. NIRvana Sciences new dyes can be tuned at 10nm increments.

Conjugation Chemistry

Fluorescent dyes are key color markers across many life science diagnostic and imaging platforms. Making the chemistry simple and highly effective for attaching dyes to specific cellular and biological material is critical to our success.

About Bacteriochlorins

Synthetic bacteriochlorins are near infrared dyes that offer ultra narrow emission spectra (18-25nm hmfw) that are 2X-5X narrower than current dyes. These new dyes are the result of more than $8 million in R&D funding over the last 8 years.

Greater Multiplexing

The ultra narrow emission spectra of bacteriochlorins means that we can replace 1 dye with 3 Bacteriochlorin dyes. At a higher level, this means replacing 5 dyes in a test with 15 Bacteriochlorin dyes enabling a 3X performance increase from the same instrument.

Multiplexing in Stem Cells

Drs. Preffer and Dombkowski are scientists using mutiplexing approaches in flow cytometry to unlock the mysteries of stem cells.

About NIRvana Sciences

  • Does your team have prior early stage venture experience?

    Yes, seven members of the NIRvana Sciences team has prior early stage experience in science-based start-ups
  • Does your scientific team have substantial experience in fluorescent dye chemistry?

    Our scientific team are the world leaders in synthetic bacteriochlorins
  • Can NIRvana Sciences maintain its competitive advantage?

    Through rapid product development execution, NIRvana Sciences will develop a large family of dyes appropriate for a large number of life science markets
  • Does the team have ‘skin’ in the game?

    Yes, the team has personally invested over $50,000 into the company
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