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  • Developing novel dyes for polychromatic flow cytometry

    Developing novel dyes for use in the research and development of new drugs and vaccines.
  • Advance Methods

    Fluorescent dyes are critical to detecting cellular and biological material. Their use is ubiquitous across healthcare diagnostics.
  • Simplify Multiplex Assays

    Multiplexing enables researchers to better understand cellular life cycles.
  • Saving Time, Saving Lives

    Bundling more color labeled analytes into fewer assays saves clinicians time and money.
  • Ultra-narrow emissions reduce spectral complexities...

    Dyes with ultra-narrow emissions reduce spectral complexities typical of conventional dyes that create significant spectral overlap.

What We Do

Dye Development

NIRvana Sciences is developing novel dyes that advance the field of multiplexing. We define multiplexing as a type of test that simultaneously measures many color-labeled compounds in a single instrumentation run or test cycle.

Tuning Dye Wavelengths

From our library of dyes, our dye design team can select chlorins and bacteriochlorins with specific emission spectra.

Conjugation Chemistry

Fluorescent dyes are key color markers across many life science diagnostic and imaging platforms. Making the chemistry simple and highly effective for attaching dyes to antibodies and other biomolecules by a variety of methods.

About Bacteriochlorins

Synthetic Bacteriochlorins typically excited by UV lasers with near-infrared fluorescence and emissions of (700nm-900nm). They offer ultra-narrow emission spectra (18-25nm fwhm) that are 2X-5X narrower than current dyes. These new dyes are the result of more than $8 million in R&D funding over the last 8 years.”

About Chlorins

Synthetic chlorins share the same reduced porphyrin ring structure with chlorophyll. The typically can be excited with violet (405nm) lasers and have emissions in the red to far-red (600nm-750nm).

Greater Multiplexing

The ultra-narrow emission spectra of bacteriochlorins means that we can potentially replace 1 conventional dye with 3 NIRvana dyes. At a higher level, this means incorporating NIRvana dyes into flow cytometry panels could enable 6-10 colors in UV and violet laser channels.

The Team

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