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About Bacteriochlorins

Bacteriochlorins are fluorescent dyes in the near infrared (NIR) spectral region that have long been coveted for their unique spectral properties but disregarded because they were seemingly synthetically ‘incorrigible.’ Many researchers have been unsuccessful in making these compounds viable due to their perceived lack of stability, malleability, solubility, and tunability.

The lines of Bacteriochlorins being commercialized by NIRvana Sciences addresses all of these constraints allowing for widespread commercial application of these materials.

To learn more about these Bacteriochlorins, please read a useful journal article in The New Journal of Chemistry, titled “Accessing the near-infrared spectral region with stable, synthetic, wavelength-tunable bacteriochlorins”  by authors Jon Lindsey, Dewey Holten, David Bocian and others.
Volume 32, Number 6, June 2008
Pages 893–1080