Our Probes

Our probes are highly soluble, ultra-small particles that are attachable to proteins that carry hydrophobic dye cargos. They have been shown to successfully work in flow cytometry and expect that they will be useful in a wide variety of life science applications.

Violet Laser Excitable Probes

Coming Soon

NIRvana is currently focused on development of 12-15 colors for 405 excitation channel primarily based upon substantially brighter, new versions of our dyes

Future work entails development of complementary palettes for 355, 375, 445, and possibly 488 laser channels.

Please note that we expect our Probes platform to be used with a wide variety of hydrophobic dyes for any laser channel. NIRvana has simply focused on ultraviolet and violet excitable dyes with long stokes shifts into the red and near infrared spectrums.

Our new Probes platform enables many opportunities including:

• Enables use of bright, hydrophobic dye constructs
• Further expand reagent color portfolio by bringing new classes of fluorescent dyes
     into cytometry
• Envision many intracellular applications

Violet Laser Excitable Dyes

Chlorins are synthetic analogues to plant chlorophyll but better in several ways:

• More photo and thermally stable because of geminal dimethyl groups
• Wavelength tunable
• Increased accessibility of diverse functionality for solubility and and conjugatability

Chlorins possess a large violet absorption band excited by violet lasers and large stokes shift with red to near-infrared emissions between 600nm-725+nm.

Synthetic Platform

NIRvana’s synthetic dye development platform is based on decades of research involving the development of synthetic analogues of chlorophyll and bacteriochlorophyll conducted at NC State, UC Riverside, Washington University in St. Louis and several others.

This synthetic approach and unique knowledge enables NIRvana to extensively modify our dyes spectral, water, and biological attachment chemistries to meet your unique product specifications.

Spectral Tuning
Structural modification of the core molecule enables wavelength tuning mainly of the red and near-infrared absorption and emission bands. Our expertise to design and predict absorption and emission properties is critical to dial-in spectral properties +/- 10nm.

Water solubility
NIRvana can solubilize its dyes using a variety of water solubilizing functional groups making them more appropriate for certain biological applications.

Linker chemistries
NIRvana dyes can be structurally modified to allow attachment to a variety of different substrates, including antibodies, proteins, peptides, and particles.

Wow – An organic dye that you can excite at 405nm and emits at 880nm.

The Science of Multiplexing

Awesome - Five violet dye emissions that fit within 130nm.

The Science of Multiplexing

Great - Dyes with emissions 2X-4X narrower than most current dyes.

The Science of Multiplexing

Tremendous – Dye library includes over 700 chlorin and bacteriochlorin designs

The Science of Multiplexing

NIRvana Sciences is taking multiplexing to the next level

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